Garmin Edge 810, The Unrivaled Computerized Cycling Dashboard

 GPS Wireless Unit In The Palm Of Your Hand

The most useful bit of cycling-orientated electronics that everyone has ever used now has came, Garmin Edge  810. Combines GPS maps and navigation, heart rate, cadence and power output, the Garmin Edge 810 will be unrivaled cycling dashboard-wireless unit in a palm of your hand. With the Edge 810 in your hand, you can easily to plan and record rides because it’s multi-utility features will guide on your way. Although provides a vast amount of data, the Edge 810’s still well organized, and it’s easy to use once you get used to the menu-driven format.
During you ride the bike, up to 16 separate metrics can be displayed by Edge 810 . And combined with the included software and web-based apps, it becomes an incredible tool for social networking, exploration and serious training analysis.

Maybe very easy to understand why Edge 810 has been well known as surprisingly complete information source. Edge 810 ticks just about all the boxes for a GPS-capable bike computer. Or in other words this is the ultimate bike computer combined with GPS navigation that answers many challenges of training tweakers, metrics maniacs, and peripatetic two-wheeled geo-catchers.
Garmin has really upped the ante on the entire cycling computer-category with its new GPS-enabled navigator/computer, the 810.

This is a true navigational aid with full-color maps and turn-by-turn directions in addition to advanced route-planning and saving capabilities. On top of that, the Garmin Edge 810 GPS adds heart rate and cadence monitors, a barometric altimeter, and wireless capability that let you share routes and workout data with other riders instantly. Sleek and waterproof, with a 2.2-inch color screen that lets you customize what data you see and how you see it, these two devices help make the most of every ride.

Garmin Edge 810 has been launched in two different models. The basic model comes with a heart-rate monitor. But for more features you can opt for the Edge 810 performance model.

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