How to Go on a Road Trip with Your Bicycle

Road trips are fun, especially when you take your bicycle with you. Cycling on your road trip will provide you with more intimate and up-close views of the gorgeous surroundings. So, here are a number of useful tips that will help you go on a cycling road trip or vacation:

Pack Proper Cycling Apparel

Don’t plan on cycling in your beach outfit. You need to pack the right cycling outfits for your trip. Wearing the wrong clothes on your cycling journey can result in a number of unpleasant outcomes. You don’t want to show off chafed thighs on your breach break now do you? The wrong clothing can also leave you exhausted early. They can make the journey uncomfortable and unpleasant. So, buy the right apparel from well-known bike gear Australia shops.

Take an Appropriate Bike Model

First of all, know where you will be cycling on your trip. Will you be touring on paved roads admiring city attractions, or will you be riding rough roads up a mountain? The model of bike you take on the trip should be suitable for the route you plan on taking. The urban commuter bike you take to work will not be suitable for a dirt road trip on the outback. So, plan to rent, borrow or buy a suitable bike model for your trip.

Arrange a Vehicle for Long Journeys

If the bike route you plan to take is rather long, it will be sensible to have a four-wheeled vehicle tagging along with you. This is recommended for first timers going on long bike journeys. You can pack repair kits and liquids to stay hydrated during the journey in the vehicle. If you get exhausted, you can ride in the car without delaying the journey. If the bike breaks down or if you run into trouble, a vehicle would help.

Take a Map

You need to know the route very well before you go on your bike tour. Plan and study the route before you leave the house. You will also need to take a digital or paper map with you on your journey. Knowing the road is important for making your bike tour a success.

Get Expert Advice

Before you leave, it would be helpful to ask for tips and advice from veteran cyclists. Try to find someone who has ridden on the route you are about to take. They will know what challenges lie ahead and tips that will help you to prepare.

Train for the Journey Months in Advance

You will need to stay fit to handle cycling on your trip, especially if the route is long. So, do cardio and strength training to get your body ready for the journey. The cardio should help you build endurance. Cycling for long is exhausting and highly energy consuming. Cardio will allow your body to adapt to the rigour of cycling.

Do Research

Before you go, Google your destination to know what going on a bike tour there is like. Read other travellers’ blogs and forum posts. You must be well prepared to face any challenge. Also, your research will help you become familiar with the area. You would want to know things like where the bike repair shops are located.

The above cycling tips will help you prepare for your cycling road trip. Read them carefully and start ticking each off one by one.


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