Choosing The Most Stylish eBike in Town

As our roads are become increasingly crowded and our environment more polluted, more city administrations are encouraging biking. Cities across the world are making biking around the town much safer and efficient. New cities that are built across the world even in emerging nations like India and Brazil are investing in massive city planning to have separate biking lanes and safety features for bikers. These city planning efforts are showing good return on investment. For instance, in the US the last decade has seen a 40% increase of bikers, in addition to the economic growth and increased productivity bikes also help in decreasing the carbon footprint of a city.

It goes without saying that biking to your office is not often a pleasant experience, as you will need a change of clothes due to too much sweating, also you will need a break before starting your work. This is a the reason why you will need an eBike, it offers best of both worlds, as most bikes will provide you with assist ranging from 25% to 500%. When you need the work out you can go with low assist, and when you don’t want to sweat it you can use the high assist. eBikes in addition to lowering your effort while biking can also help you with increasing the speed to save time. Most eBikes can help you to ride at a speed of around 20-30 mph, so you can save time while commuting during important or unexpected events.

Choosing The Right eBike:

In today’s world, going for an eBike is a no-brainer, however, choosing the right eBike is a difficult task. The market is now flooded with so many eBike variants, that choosing the right one might drive you crazy. Among urban women and youth the single most important thing while buying an eBike is the appearance. They look for stylish and beautifully designed bikes. They have the best eBike in town by the beautiful Ebike manufacturer – The all new DYU smart bike D1. This DYU smart bike D1 has a stylish appearance, with stunning front & back light, constant speed cruising, lightweight but robust body, world class safety features, compact and elegant design. The bike can very easily fit in the car trunk.

This eBike is truly an amalgamation of design and engineering precision. It has hassle free folding, comfortable handle and is extremely light (just 12 kg), but sturdy and strong. The youngsters will love it, as it comes with a smart app, which can be used to control the riding route, speed adjustment, smart locking and self checking function. The batteries are state of the art, with smart charging protection.

The tires look cool and are suitable for different terrains, the double high sensitive disc brakes appear stylish as well as very effective. The bike comes in two colors – black and white. DYU smart bike D1 , beyond doubt is the most stylish and safe eBike available in the market.


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